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I use artificial intelligence to create tools that solve problems.



Practical approach to learning AI.

Deep Learning with EHR

Deep Learning with Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems.

Introduction to PyTorch

Introductory PyTorch video lessons with O'Reilly media.

Interpretability via Attention

Technical post on interpretability via attentional mechanisms.


Machine learning data and model management tool.


Smart NLP search based on implicit keywords and image features.

The Neural Perspective

Old, discontinued, blog on ML concepts. 3000+ followers on


Coding environment with tiered data storage and GPU compute.


Sort resumes for a job description beyond just keyword matching.


Surge location preditive analytics for taxis and ride sharing services.


Working on something cool and think I could help? I'd love to collaborate with you on topics ranging from AI research to product development.

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My name is Goku Mohandas and I'm an AI researcher in Silicon Valley. My expertise is in AI research and production with a focus on natural language processing. Reach out if you have any AI questions, suggestions, or just want to say hi 👋

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